Of Times New, Possible and Dreamed

Interview with Bishop Samuel Ruiz (Nobel Peace Prize Nominee 1995) July 17, 1994 X Magazine, Chiapas, Mexico
     In this dream we find a society that considers the indigenous experience. When indigenous people demand the right to participate in the new society, this does not mean having a seat to partake from the common banquet, but having a place for their own values, so as to contribute to the transformation of this society. For the Indian, participating means giving his share, not just taking what is his by right, but to contribute with his own values.
     We will express our dreams. In these circumstances we see what are new times, possible times: we dream as we try to see what this future will be, we imagine the Lord’s Church newly enriched by the contribution of cultural, ethnic and religious values, and clothed in many colors, thus strengthened by the thought, the journey, the mysticism, the strong and transformative vision that the Gospel possesses in different ethnic groups. Thus we imagine a future Church embellished with all these contributions.
     We glimpse the possibility of a civil society enriched by all the contributions that are now surpressed; the indigenous voice that is stifled, at least here in Mexico, and which, for that very reason, is so new and striking that when we hear it for the first time we will realize how many things it questions, and it will enrich us from many points of view.
     This world is there, and we can help contribute to its progress, increase its riches, or else obstruct it with our acts and omissions; but we can see, in general terms, that on a broader level, that there are positive forces in our country point toward transformation.
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To hear the Bishop speak: “The Pursuit of Justice”
Honoring Indigenous Cultures Visiting Sacred Sites Collecting Prayers for Peace and Healing and A New Future
It is the destiny of the people of the Americas to come together as one family and show the world how to live in peace through freedom of the human spirit. The indigenous people of the Americas have been holding keys to the freedom of the spirit for all of humankind through their connection to the Earth and the unseen universal forces.
When we bring together what they know and what the modern cultures have learned by experiencing the scientific paradigm, a synthesis will occur which will create a whole new way of walking on Earth in harmony with all of Creation never experienced by anyone since the beginning.
JPHA Samuel Ruiz - Chiapas
Photo: Bishop Ruiz blessing the Journey for Peace and Healing in the Americas. San Cristobal de Las Casas 1995. Lloyd Griscom, Connie Baxter Marlow, Gustavo Perez Basulto, Robert Rocheleau, Hinton Harrison (not pictured/took the picture) Chan K’in Cuatro (Lacandon).
Turtle Pins 2015
The Turtle Pin – Inspiring Oneness for 20 Years.

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