World Premiere: May 20, 2017
Garifuna International Indigenous Film Festival
Venice, CA
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Liberty! Justice! Equality! A new perspective presents a revolutionary look at the syntheses between European colonists and the American Indian in the evolution of the American democracy, mind and spirit.

What people are saying about SEEDS OF FREEDOM:
“Seeds of Freedom: A Vision for America” is a seminal film which is vital to our culture now. It awakens the heart and soul of all of us who cherish  the roots of love and liberty planted in the founding of the United States. It is needed now more than ever as inspiration and guidance in a brokenhearted world.We are all the indigenous peoples of Earth.”
Barbara Marx Hubbard. Featured in the new film: “American Visionary: The Story of Barbara Marx Hubbard”

We are living in a time of increasing chaos when the very existence of the United States of America will come to be questioned. In this era the necessity for Americans to connect to and learn from the Native Americans and their traditions will play an increasingly important role.  Connie Baxter Marlow and Andrew Cameron Bailey have made a commendable film which highlights the role of  Native Americans in crafting the original political philosophy of the United States, which is highly relevant for our own time.
Carl Johan Calleman, Ph.D. Author: “THE NINE WAVES OF CREATION: Quantum Physics, Holographic Evolution and the Destiny of Humanity.

Bozho (Hello) Connie and Andrew!  I have often told people that the problems and sins of our nation were not a result of the founding principles, but because of deviation from them.  The bar was set very high back then by both our native folks and founding fathers.  A goal is no goal at all if it does not demand something of us that is beyond us, and requires us to reach beyond who we are to become who we want and need to be.  I believe your project will help people see that truth once again and our nation will be the better for it!  God bless you, and I wish you all the best!  Blessings to you,
Woody Carter. (Native American Flute in SEEDS OF FREEDOM.

The important inter-cultural origin story of the United States is currently shrouded in misconception, misunderstanding, shame and blame. SEEDS OF FREEDOM: A Vision for America presents a radical and challenging new perspective on the two syntheses between European Colonists and American Indians which gave birth to the American mind, spirit and democracy. It calls for a third synthesis now: for visionary Native Americans and European Americans to come together in our hearts to see what might be birthed from the melding of our two paradigms. We believe this third synthesis can lead to A New Future where peace will come to prevail on Earth.

BOSTON PREMIERE – November 2016
“SEEDS OF FREEDOM. A Vision for America”

Boston Public Library    November 10, 2016
Film Premiere, Forum and Call-to-Action!

Special Guests: Mohawk elder Tom Porter and Pilgrim Scholar Gary Marks presented insights into the Iroquois Great Law and the Pilgrim vision for humanity as they apply to life today and the future.


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Inaugural event for The James Phinney Baxter Lecture Series

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Printed Bios of the Elders/Filmmakers
 Forum moderated by Andrew Cameron Bailey
with Gary Marks, Tom Porter and Connie Baxter Marlow
Film Synopsis
Eminent philanthropist/historian James Phinney Baxter (1831-1921) believed that America must embody the high ideals of New England’s original settlers if it is to become a global exemplar of liberty, equality and justice. In 1921 he left a bequest instructing Boston to build a Pantheon to perpetuate the founding ideals and principles. Baxter’s great-great-granddaughter Connie Baxter Marlow adds a missing piece – the role of the American Indian in the evolution of democracy and the American mind and spirit.
As we move toward 2020 – the 400th anniversary of the landing of the Mayflower and the First Great Synthesis between Europeans and the American Indian – we have the opportunity to look at American history through a new lens – the role of the US of A in the evolutionary upward spiral of human consciousness. Yes the US of America. All of US and the role we are going to play in realizing the original vision of the human potential to bring Equality, Liberty, Justice and Abundance for all: The True American Dream!
 A Time of Synthesis
An extraordinary exception to the human condition unfolded when the visionary leaders of two radically different cultures met and worked together to maintain an inter-cultural exchange that became the “First Great Synthesis” between Europeans and American Indians during the fifty-four years of peace and friendship at Plymouth Plantation. This melding gave birth to American democracy and to the American mind and spirit. The “Second Great Synthesis” occurred when aspects of The Great Law of the Iroquois were integrated into the United States Constitution in 1787. A third synthesis is possible now as our cultures come together again to realize the great promise America made to the world in its freedom documents The Mayflower Compact, The Declaration of Independence and The U.S. Constitution.
About The James Phinney Baxter Lecture Series:
The James Phinney Baxter Lecture Series is dedicated to Baxter’s vision of America – realizing its promise of liberty, justice and equality for all. The series will be held quarterly leading up to 2020 – the 400th anniversary of the landing of the Mayflower – and 2030 – the founding of Boston. The Lecture Series will include subjects pertaining to the principles and ideals of early settlers of New England and the education of immigrants on the foundational principles of the United States.
The James Phinney Baxter/Percival P. Baxter Fund has been allocated to the Boston Public Library which is committed to realizing the mandate of James Phinney Baxter’s bequest.
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