THE FIRST FIFTY YEARS: Freedom and Friendship at Plymouth Plantation
3.5 minute video

Trust, Providence, Pilgrims, Indians, The American Dream
The Transformation of Consciousness

It’s up to US

Talks and Interviews

Maryland Mayflower Society Compact Day Dinner
November 22, 2015
THE FIRST FIFTY YEARS: The America’s Forgotten Origin Story
YouTube Link to Talk:
America’s Forgotten Origin Story: An Inter-Cultural Synthesis

Letter to the Editor
Old Colony Memorial, Plymouth, MA 11.21.15

Talks and Interviews

Thanksgiving Letters to the Editor
Old Colony Memorial Newspaper, Plymouth, MA

2006 – 2017

Good Newes Cover Slide 2

Highland Institute City Club Boulder, Colorado
“Good News About the First Thanksgiving” YouTube
A Significant Event in the Evolution of the Free Mind
Power Point
November 25, 2014

Expanding Awareness Radio WZBC Boston. Three Interviews YouTube
The Trust Frequency, First Thanksgiving, First Fifty Years and Indigenous Cosmology

Letter to the Editor
Old Colony Memorial Newspaper, Plymouth MA

“Thanksgiving: Past and Present”
A Time to Celebrate and a Time to Mourn
November 25, 2014

Dana Hall School, Wellesley, MA
“Trust, Providence, Pilgrims, Indians and the American Dream” YouTube
A talk by Connie Baxter Marlow
Written Talk
June 2014

Talks and Interviews

Living Dialogues: Bridging Indigenous and Modern Cultures for A New Future

Pilgrims and Indians: Ten Common Misbeliefs

Educational Materials

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You are doing work no-one else has the insight,
perseverance and courage to undertake.
Easan K. Author and William Brewster, Pilgrim Elder Descendant.

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of those who desire to see the higher perspective on
America’s Origin Story brought to the table.

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