The Mayflower Revelations
An historical mystery novel (and screenplay)
by Andrew Cameron Bailey

The year is 2020. The 93-year-old patriarch of a wealthy New England dynasty is dying. The estranged family gathers at his  luxurious 17th Century Barbados plantation manor for their last Thanksgiving together. Searching for the hidden truth about her ancestry, his grand-daughter gets unexpected help – from the ghost of a 17th Century American Indian slave, an impossible lover, and the long-lost diary of a famous Mayflower ancestor. Her discoveries not only heal the family – they revitalize America’s primary Origin Story.


Andrew Cameron Bailey is an Englishman who grew up in South Africa, where he studied chemistry, mathematics, physics, photography, filmmaking, anthropology and literature. He delivered a 90-foot sailboat to the United States in 1969, and arrived on Thanksgiving Day of that year, so he calls himself a “latter-day Pilgrim.” He lives in the Colorado Rockies with his life-partner, Connie Baxter Marlow, who is a Mayflower descendant.