Unity 2020! The Third Great Synthesis

As we move toward 2020 – the 400th anniversary of the landing of The Mayflower and the First Great Synthesis between Europeans and the American Indian – we have the opportunity  to look at American history through a new lens – the role of the US of A in the evolutionary upward spiral of human consciousness. Yes the US of America. All of US and the role we are going to play in realizing the original vision.

Our work is aimed at moving the conversation between the European Americans and American Indians to a level where we explore a synthesis of our two paradigms, enabling something new to emerge.

Click here for more information on our Call to Action: UNITY 2020! The Third Great Synthesis . 

Pope Francis, Bishop Samuel Ruiz, A Native American Scholar and Henry David Thoreau share the vision. Click here for Connie’s talk at the Thoreau Society Annual Gathering 2016 “Thoreau, The Pope and The Indian. A Shared Vision.”

Below you will find links to our work, mission and vision and the people and ideas that have come to us over the 25 years we have been creating forums for visionary indigenous elders, with the understanding that a synthesis will occur in our lifetime – We are calling it “The Third Great Synthesis” and are doing what we can to catalyze it. (First synthesis – Fifty-four years of peace and friendship at Plymouth Plantation 1621-1675) Second Synthesis – The Iroquois Great Law integrated into the U.S. Constitution.)

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See related post: “Seeds of Freedom: A Vision for America.” Call to Action, Short Doc film and Forum for Discussion. Boston Public Library Thursday, November 10, 2016. 6-8 pm. 5-6 pm meet the elders and filmmakers: Tom Porter, Mohawk; Gary Marks, Pilgrim Scholar and filmmakers Andrew Cameron Bailey, director; Connie Baxter Marlow, producer/narrator.

SOF PostcardFilm Synopsis: Eminent philanthropist/historian James Phinney Baxter (1831-1921) believed that America must embody the high ideals of New England’s original settlers if it is to become a global exemplar of liberty, equality and justice. In 1921 he left a bequest instructing Boston to build a Pantheon to perpetuate the founding ideals and principles. Baxter’s great-great-granddaughter Connie Baxter Marlow adds a missing piece – the role of the American Indian in the evolution of American democracy, mind and spirit.

“THE TRUST FREQUENCY: Ten Assumptions for a New Paradigm” is a handbook to higher consciousness on the “High Road to Happiness.” The Ten Assumptions are a unique synthesis of indigenous cosmology, quantum science and Eastern and Western mysticism. Experience a 10 minute Trust Frequency Meditation. The book is a companion piece to our film “IN SEARCH OF THE FUTURE: What do the Wise Ones Know?  Watch it online HERE.

We have a large body of work developed over the past 25 years that is an outgrowth of applying the ideas in the book. These ideas include the evolution of the free mind as influenced by the Mayflower Pilgrims, Henry David Thoreau, the Native Americans and the Founding Fathers. Click here for links to our work – enjoy a wander through the ideas presented. We’re looking forward to the “tipping point” when these concepts become pivotal in humanity’s evolutionary upward spiral as we begin to walk on Earth with an open heart, trusting a conscious, loving universe.




4 replies on “Unity 2020! The Third Great Synthesis”

Connie hope you and family are doing well am now working in Ottawa canada on the first repatriation of Indigenous lands in the Americas. A vision of my late chief Grandfather William Commanda keeper of our sacred wampum belts. In 2004 , in Maniwaki Canada, Chief Commanda condoled me a War Chief of our Algonkian Nations and told me to defend the Earth.Hope we can work together for Peace and Justice best Tom Dostou

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